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6 years ago

Dynamically create teststep from list

From an API Mgmt Bank Service we are calling an operation (let's call it getAccounts) to get the number of - and which - accounts exist for a certain customer. In the response we collect the list of accounts. From the list of accounts we would like to check balance of each accounts with another operation (let's call it getAccountBalance) from the same API Mgmt Bank Service. The getAccountBalance operation have not been execeuted in any teststep previously in the testcase, but the request is defined from the service in the project. 


How can we in Groovy create a new teststep from every element in the list of accounts using the template from the getAccountBalance? Attached you can see the operations, the teststeps and the Groovy Script.


Would appreciate some advice or hints on how to solve it. It is the OpenSource version of SOAPUI I am using (5.4.0)


I am new to this and not so good at programming in general so excuse me if the question is too trivial. 


Thanks in advance!

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