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6 years ago

Does SoapUI maven plugin need a SoapUI installation



I can't find this information anywhere in the documentation.


Do I need an installation of SoapUI in the CI machine to run tests with the maven plugin?


I'll be using the opensource version.




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    Hi Pablo,


    If you use the maven plugin you don't need to install SoapUI. I attached to you a dummy project. You can unzip the file, start a cmd and navigate to the unzipped folder and then use the following command to run the project:


    mvn com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:5.4.0:test

    (You need to have maven installed of course).



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      Apologies for the incorrect info.
      Don't know how maven works. Was under impression that maven is build tool which can run the tests, but not sure how it does the magic without installation.

      Thank you for chip in and guiding correct, Lucian