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5 years ago

Dispatch multiple responses for one request

Hi Team,


I'm looking for a solution wherein for a single request multiple responses should be triggered, I know the usual implementation of dispatching a request based on a dedicated incoming request but the newest requirement given to me is that for a single request there should be around 10 responses dispatched to the same URL.




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    Can you elaborate more?


    Are these responses to be used one at a time? That's a normal case you'd use SEQUENCE dispatch type for.


    If all at once, how would that work? (an http client just reads the response stream until the first time the stream ends - should the server send 1 response with the combined body of 10 different responses?)


    Or, I suppose in response to a single request, your server could generate 10 outgoing requests...?

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      Hey JHunt,


      That was a wrong requirement, I used the sequence to generate my responses, Thanks for the response