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8 years ago

Delay the start of the test for some hours

Hi guys!


I wonder if I can delay the start of my test for some hours.


For example: There is a test case. Now it's 10 a.m. I want my test case to start running at 13 p.m. every day during a week.


Maybe there are some groovy scripts that can "run" my test case in such way...


Thank you! 

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    My approach to that would be to run SoapUI via a script e.g.

    • Grade
    • Maven

    And use some form of scheduler / CI tool e.g.

    • Jenkins
    • Team City
    • cron job (if run from a unix server)

    It's a common use case for SoapUI. I would not try to script anything from within SoapUI e.g. delay step and loop, although this could conceivably work too.




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      Second to Rupert's Idea. I believe that it is possible to schedule jobs on both linux and windows platforms. Nothing specially required to do in the soapui project. This is basically operational / execution part.