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13 years ago

DB support

Does soapUI or Pro has support MarkLogic DataBase?. We wanted to understand how it can be possible to establish the connection to Mark Logic DB from soapUI , so that it would be helpful for DB validation and assertion.


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    Since this is noSQL database, the only way I see to do this is using Groovy. First,
    you would need to put necessary connector java libraries into bin/ext folder of soapUI,
    to make them available on soapUI's classpath. Then you would create Groovy test step, or
    DataSource test step of Groovy type (this depends on actual testing scenario but most probably
    you would use the second one). There you would write script which connects to and
    retrieves data from the MarkLogic. At last when you get the data from the database
    you could do any validations you need.

    Hope this makes things a bit more clear.

    SmartBear Software
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    Hi, I'm having a similar question. I want to use MongoDB as a data source for data-driven testing. I'm able to connect so MongoDB via Groovy Scripts and I'm able to retrieve data. But I'm trying to figure out how to use that data as an input for my API validations... Because the SoapUI data source only allows executing SQL sentences. In my case, I have all the data I need in Groovy variables, how can use now this data as a part of an API request? Thank you so much in advance

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      Hi Leoonardo,

      Can you please share me groovy script code to connect to MongoDb ? Much appreciated.

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        Hi cghanapu


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