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7 years ago

custom How to define an integer JMS custom property

I add a custom JMS properties "like ProtocolVersion" with value = 2

The listener use this property as a message selector, only the message that matchs that value will be get from the queue.

The listener is working fine if I send the message with other tool (no Soapui)

Soapui is sending the jms preperty as a string so the listener doesn't get the message because it is expecting an integer value.

here a sample of the raw message:


BytesMessage={ Header={ JMSMessageID={ID:DEV-TMO-EMS.38A859104F8267A6:10} JMSDestination={Queue[SOABP.ODB.SERVICE.METRICS.AnyMEP]} JMSReplyTo={null} JMSDeliveryMode={PERSISTENT} JMSRedelivered={false} JMSCorrelationID={null} JMSType={null} JMSTimestamp={Mon Feb 05 12:42:08 CET 2018} JMSDeliveryTime={Mon Feb 05 12:42:08 CET 2018} JMSExpiration={0} JMSPriority={4} } Properties={ SourceHostName={String:tmv1461} ProtocolVersion={String:2} } Bytes={5603 bytes} }



Any Help about it?

Is it a way to define the JMS custom property as an integer?

Am I missing somenthing to define a JMS custom property as an integer?


Kind Regards


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