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7 years ago

Create SOAP Automation Project in Eclipse

Hi All,

                I would need an idea can we able to create a Project/Suite/Test Cases/Test Steps in Groovy Code in Eclipse. I am new to Groovy and learner. If some one helps me that would be great help for me. I will contribute this community once as much i can . some one please help me . If possible Do you have any samples/Examples?


My requirement is :


1) Project Creation.

2) Test Suites

3) Test Cases.

4) Test Steps

5) Run the Test Steps.








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    Was it a REST or SOAP project that you were looking to create?


    Please take a look at an integration test I wrote for a SoapUI extension and see if it helps give you any ideas (covers creating Project/TestSuite/TestCase/TestSteps):



    If this helps I can probably find other examples.




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      Thank you for your reply and I am looking for SOAP Service  Project. Sorry for the delay and i was away from work.

      I really need a help from you. Because I am able to achieve in SOAP UI.



      1). Create a Project

      2). Add the Test Suite.

      3). Create Test Cases and Test Steps.

      4). Run the Test Suite 

      5). Save the  Project'


      To maintain a code in SOAP UI very difficult and i need to write some of the scripts using Object oriented. So I am thinking writing a code in Eclipse will be easier and object oriented. Also I need to write lot of test cases for the below approach.



      I am able to do that in SOAP UI that creates Project,Test Suite, Test Cases, Test Steps and Run the suite. Same I need to do in SOAP UI.  Would you please give some example.  The example that you provided looks for Rest Service.