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4 years ago

Connect soap UI to hadoop hdfs



Is it possible to connect SoapUI to hadoop hdfs and execute sql scripts in it? I saw that I can connect it to Oracle DB and other databases but nowhere hadoop connection. So is this possible or I have to think for other ways for automation?


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    Hey luwevadi,

    Yes im sure you can connect to hadoop/hive with soapui, although i havent done it. I have setup db connections to dbs that are not default ones and its fine.

    You will need to do the following:

    1. Confirm the version of db you are connecting to. Once confirmed google "jdbc driver downloads for hadoop version x" or something equivalent to get the correct jdbc driver .jars you need

    2. Confirm what version of java is required to run your jdbc driver files and download and install that version of java. You need to install the same bittype java as the bittype (sorry dont know the correct term) of soapui you are running. E.g. if your soapui is 64bit, you need 64bit java. If your soapui is 32bit (x86), youll need 32bit java.

    3. Google "jdbc connection url for hadoop/hive" to determine the connection string parameters you need

    Whenever im setting up a new db connection, i always setup in a db interogation tool (like TOAD or dbvisualiser) first. You use the same connection details as youd use in soapui. Setting up the connection and confirming it works in dbvisualiser allows you to prove the connection before trying to configure in soapui. It just allows you to identify if youre having problems whether its connection config or actually soapui connection issue.