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4 years ago

Class Cast Exception Revisited

I refer to the previous post with title "Re: Class Cast error in first try"


It refers to the error mentioned there


java-lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to


I am also getting this error


I refer to your resolution


"the hint with the logs being available in the bottom area of the window was very helpful, although I did find it myself in the meantime.

I suppose there is not a solution to the class cast error, as the problem is, that an unexpected result is returned after the call.
Nevertheless throwing an exception in such a case is not a very helpful way of handling the situation"


I'm sorry but I am finding this difficult to interpret. I cannot find a "hint" in my error log, nor anything to indicate that "unexpected result is returned after the call."


Could you please make the hint explicit and indicate what it is that indicates that there is an "unexpected result". 


Please make this straightforward . How is the expected result defined




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