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7 years ago

change jre to jre.old

SoapUI 5.3.0. There's nginx 1.9.6 configured with 2 way ssl, the wildcard certificate issued by Comondo

To make soapui project working I've to change embeded  jre to sth like jre.old so the system java8 is used


I'm wondering what's the real reason. is it sth wrong with the certificate - I read that no all CA are included, or maybe it's about the protocol/cipher. Anyway I cannot make any changes to soapui as it's working for the other services

Also I found issues with my java client unit test, it's working for java7 but not for java8 so I suspect it's maybe about some server settings. Any idea ?


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    I found what's the reason it's working for java7 but not 8. There's a bug in java8, SNI server name is not set

    Now wondering why soapui project requires change name for jre dir, System properties displays that java7 is used