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8 years ago

Cannot extend JAVA_OPTS and SOAPUI_CLASSPATH in shell scripts



I use shell scripts bin/, bin/, and bin/ to start SoapUI (GUI and headless runners), and I often find myself wanting to add Java options or extra classpath entries to the java process that is executed at the end of the scripts, but that's not easy without patching those script files.


For example, to put logs of different mock services into separate directories, I would do something like this:


JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS} -Dsoapui.logroot='${logDirForGivenService}'/"


In fact I would generalize that even further and write:




Because this way I can have the SoapUI installation directory somewhere under /usr/local/, without having to copy it for each project I work on; plus by default SoapUI wouldn't try and log into a read-only installation directory.


For the same argument, the bin/ext dir is not good enough for me to add project-specific custom jars into, so I need a way to be able to customize SOAPUI_CLASSPATH.


Please make the scripts more customizable in those regards, thanks.


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