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4 years ago

Cannot convert string to a double

Using Soapui v 5.4.0 and A script assertion which has numerous def and assert statements in it.

A def statement produces the error shown in the subject of the post what does this mean?

Def Count01 = Cdataxmlholder [“count((//*[local-name() = ‘list01’] /*[local-name () = list02 and . = + expectedlist + “])”]

The expected list variable is defined at the start if the assertion script.

Please advise thank you

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  • Nasturshia : Could you please attach any screenshot or error which you are getting and also code which you are using. It will be helpful to resolve the issue.

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      Hi Himanshu, not easy to attach any files as the assertion script is held on a secure server.

      I just need a clue where the variable is defined and what the message means.

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        Hi Nasturshia,

        The error response is saying it cant cast a string type to a double (numeric) type. So whatever that variable is being set a string is trying to be read in as numeric. Thats it. Does that help you diagnose the issue?

        If it doesnt then @HimanshuTayals probably going to need to see your script assertion code (and the full error details just in case theres any further helpful info outside the initial cast error)