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7 years ago

Can SoapUI generate C# codes for calling out to the Soap service it just passed testing?

I have used SoapUI open source version to test a WCF Soap service created in Java; with a Java Keystore (.JKS) to sign incoming and outgoing messages, The request was able to go through and response returned successfully. So the .JKS file issued by the service provider proved to be valid. But then when I needed to write C# codes to consume the service, I had to extract the private key from the Java Keystore and imported into my Windows keystore and used that for signing. But the call to the same service always failed due to Authentication header error. Since calling the service from SoapUI was successful, it would be great if the tool can spit out some codes (preferably C# but can be Java too) that perform the service call with proper authentication and message signing. Does such feature exist? It will add tremendous appeal to the .net programmers with such feature.

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    I don't think it exists today. But it sounds like a nice feature for a plugin otherwise if you do figure it out! :)