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3 years ago

C# client example

Hello C# experts,


Are there example code samples or links to tutorials where someone can show how to use the output from the c# export in SoapuUI?  I use this code export



This successfully creates a .CS output file, but I am so inexperienced, that I don't know what to do with it and would love to see an example to help me understand.


Here are some environment parameters:

  1. The server side is 3rd party, cloud based and not under my control.  I am only a client.
  2. The server side company does not provide samples or explanations, so I am really blind on this.

As first step goal for me would be to take the .CS output class, add it to my project, create an instance of it and have it spit out a complete XML SOAP message that I can inspect and see if it does what I think it should. If I could get the class to also send the SOAP message to the server (which includes OAuth2 authentication steps), that's a bonus.


I would love any concrete examples or links to concrete examples,




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