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5 years ago

Automatic resubmission with unique ID incrementation

Good day everybody,


All I do in Soap UI opensource is manually submit requests to API endpoint. Then maually update the body of the call and submit again. I'd like to start changing that.


Lets assume I have an API call of following body:

<date>25 Nov 2019</date>
<text>hello forums</text>

submitted to API endpoint:

I'd like to ask if it's possible, and maybe if there's a tutorial, to achieve the following:

1. I want above XML body to be submitted to above endpoint 100 times, one after another.

2. I want API response to be written to a log file, along with the body of the call that produced it.

3. For each new submission of above call I want:


to be automatically incremented by +1.


I'll appreciate any advice,



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