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12 months ago

automate jsp calls

My boss asked me to automate the following test case: 

step1 - access to the web portal with given operator credentials -> menu display 

step2 - select the "list" item from the "Damage management" menu -> view the damage list 

step3 - selection of a given damage (id = x) -> detail view of the damage with given id 

Now I can do all this from GUI, but how can I simulate it with SoapUi? 

While I was performing manuals on the graphical interface, I was reading the messages exchanged in the browser console (F12 in Chrome). 

All the messages solicited by each manual have a .jsp extension, but I couldn't find the one that has the damage data with id = x in the response (step2), which I also see in the graphical interface. 

How do I solve it? 

Should I ask development? 

Thank you. 


Marco Malziotti

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      Hello malziotti ,


      Rao makes a good point...  I have been using Selenium in ReadyAPI and SoapUI.  Selenium for Java can be used within SoapUI to perform your desired browser control by installing Selenium jar files into smartbear installation 'lib' folder.


      Through groovy scripting, you get all the benefits of the SoapUI user interface and test management capability without context switching to other tools. Control your web applications right from SoapUI even though it is not part of the distributed product. Additionally, Appium can be installed similarly to perform control of mobile phone applications (Android and iOS).