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7 years ago

Assertion in Load Script under Project view

Hi all,


I'm new to SoapUI business so please don't rage on me if I'm trying to do things which are obviously unavailable or not able to do. 


I do some stuff under Project View in Load Script tab (SoapUI basic version not pro) and my question is: Is there any chance to set assertion via 'addAssertion("Contains") with some condition for example: "100"  to avoid manual setting it? (see code below, the red line). As I already know such script will add "Contains" assertion into all Test Steps under project. I wonder if such script can put such assertion with already filled condition. Thank you for the answers in advance.


Here is a part of code I have put into Load Script:


{ "${text*10} Contains assertion not found in -- " +
it.addAssertion("Contains") "${text*10} Added the Contains assertion in -- " +

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