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8 years ago

What are you using for reports and dashboards?

So i'm a bit frustrated with QAComplete and some of the reporting and maybe i'm asking it to do something it cannot. Ultimately I need to have a high level executive page/dashboard showing our overall quality metrics. We use qacomplete primarily for our automation tests which run nightly. Some of the dashboard charts are 'ok' but i can't export them into Confluence which we use. I certainly dont expect my boss to have to log into qacomplete to find information. Everything else regarding our project is in jira/confluence. I could take screenshots but the pie chart doesnt show any details unless you hover over it. 


I'm curious what other groups are doing?

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  • Hi,


    I am also looking for the Reports in Dashboard as mentioned above by Matt_kuhn. We are able to get test results for nightly runs, but as mentioned in the question, looking for an Executive reports.




  • Did anyone open an Improvement ticket for this? I think a lot of people are in the same boat. My company also uses Confluence and it would make my life SO much easier if  we had some kind of public/executive view for QAComplete that did not require a QAC license to share. If you did create a ticket, would you mind sending it to me?