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11 years ago

"watch" icon not visible for Agile Tasks

I need to post "My Hours" for agile tasks, but (1) there's no watch icon on the list row (as attached first pic) and (2) there's no "Post My Hours" menu entry in "My Hours" list for agile tasks.

Watch Icon and "Post My Hours" label do appear for other kind of tab, for exemple Defects, where I coul post my time.

Is there any specific option for Agile Tasks to activate "my hours"?

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  • Hello Sergio,

    Thank you for your post and for providing the screenshots.

    Sergio, are the 2 Agile Tasks I see in the screenshot "Closed", meaning do they have a closed or completed "Status"? The screenshot doesn't show everything and I can't see the Status. However you have to have an "Active" status in order to post hours to it. Please see my example video at:

  • Thanks.

    I attach a swf recorded video in which I show:

    • my customized status list (in italian)

    • the two agile tasks in my new project, where one of them is in "active " status (= without any string "Closed" inside it)

    • a click on MyHours moves me to the "myHours" panel

    • there's no any item in the list where I could insert my hours, nor there is the watch icon....

    Are there problems with customized/translated status list?