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6 years ago

Unable to unpack the test archive

Hi SmartBear community!


I am having a hard time with my tests. I have ran into the error message saying "Unable to unpack the test archive" several times. I scheduled my test at 6 pm and 3 am yesterday. One of them ran and passed with no problem but the one at 3 am did not and gave the error message above. 

I connect outside Meaning (SAAS) connecting to Smaerbear through URL/API.  I also notice that when I run tests in Testcomplete, our scripts run perfectly we can run them multiple times day/night they work with no failures, but as soon as we convert to QA complete we see the following:  Long Queue delays for a test or test set to start - if we schedule more that one test  they tend to always fail overnight, possibly due to timing or slow queue time, we see a lot of inconsistency with QA complete does anyone else find issue here as well?                     


Thank you for your time!!

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