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11 years ago

Test Set as a child item of another Test Set?

We're just getting started setting up QAComplete, and have a few questions on Test Sets.

From what I understand, a test set is a collection of related test cases that can be run all together. A test set can be linked to a release or build/iteration.

What I want to know is, why can't I (or how can I) add one test set as a child item to another test set?

From a maintenance standpoint it makes sense that you should be able to do this. A full regression test of an entire module might itself include full regression tests for several features in that module. It would make sense for each feature to have a test set for full regression, one for quick regression, and maybe one for smoke test. Then if you wanted to do a full regression of the entire module, that might entail running the full regression test sets for each feature, and it might also include maybe some additional individual test cases. So it would make sense to be able to add the regression test sets for the individual features to a parent regression test set for the entire module.

Another use case is that some features might be shared between more than one module in a project. So it would make sense for those shared features to have their own test sets that could be added to a higher level regression test set for multiple modules.

Is what I've described possible in any way? If not, how can I submit a feature request, because I see this as a pretty vital feature for any test case management tool.

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  • Hello Jim,

    This is an excellend question and unfortunately we do not have any way to do so at this time. However I found your support case and wanted to let you know that an enhancement request has been submitted with your ticket.