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13 years ago

Test Name Column in the Automation Runs tab in ALM Complete

I have ALMComplete linked up with TestComplete it is successfully sending automated test information/results to ALMComplete.

My question is that when I am in the Automation Runs tab of the Test Case section, I would like the "Test Name" to be populated with something more meaningful than what it currently displays?  In my cases every Test Name gets its name from the the TestComplete Project folder where this test script is linked.  I would like the Test Name to show up as something more descriptive, like the test name as it is listed in TestComplete.  Is there a way to map this?  Is there a way to create an alias so that when I look at the automated test scripts listed in the Automation Runs tab I can identify what script was run by something other than ID.  In TestComplete, we have scripts named/identified as "Search Participant", "Create Participant".  I would like to be able to display that on the ALMComplete side. 

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  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry, right now we only have the Test Name and Parent Name on the list, as you see. It's not configuration at this time, but I can certainly submit this as an enhancement request.

    Thanks for the input, we appreciate it!