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7 years ago

QAComplete 10.2 Rest API Authorization


I tried accessing QAcomplete Releases list using Rest API's, but I couldn't get authorization passed. 

I found this on the website:


"To call any QAComplete API operation, authentication is needed. To log in to QAComplete, you send your user name (login) and password to QAComplete in your first request (see below). QAComplete will respond with a security token. In your

subsequent requests, you will need to specify your login and the security token"


I tried using my login and password for the authorization, which I couldn't pass through. But above statement mentions that I need to have security token to have. How do I get the Security token in QAcomplete ? Please let me know. Thanks !

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    I was able to connect to QAComplete for creating test folder by selecting basic Auth as a the Authorization tab. I have used Postman for this.


    Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other question regarding this

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      Hi - I have used postman for a Get request, but fails at the authorization.

      Is there any place where we need to enable to the Rest access in QAcomplete? Please let me know.


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      Would you please provide an example of sending a request from prostman. thanks

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        1. Create a new POST operation.

        2. Authorization type should be Basic auth. Provide the User Id and password. 

        3. Parameterize the Environment Variables in the Endpoints if required, Example



        Go to Postman Runner and point to  your test case sheet from where the data needs to be extracted.


        Try with couple of scenarios and you can see more options after this.