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11 years ago

QA Complete stops launching testing runs for no apparent reason

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. We were scheduling test runs from QA Complete then we upgraded to Test Complete 10, Test Execute 10 and latest version of testing bridge and QA Complete just stopped launching the runs. After some manual modifications of the registry and other settings the SmartBear support team got it working. Then a few days later it has stopped working again. I have even started again from scratch with a clean install of Windows OS and it is not working. It seems the test run is launched but then quits immediatly with no log files generated. The only thing that changed in our whole setup was upgrading Test Complete and Test Execute to version 10.

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    For anyone who reads the above post in the future I resolved the issue by doing the following:

    1. Logged into QA complete.

    2. Navigated to the Automation section and selected option to 'Delete Host' to remove the currently configured host. 

    3. Re-installed Test Execute and Software Testing Bridge on my testing machine. 

    4. Edited the software testing bridge config files as per the bridge documentation.

    5. Configured web service address and login details in the software testing bridge. 

    6. Loaded our test project in the software testing bridge and pointed it at the top level directory for our Test Complete project files. 

    7. Re-started the testing machine. 

    8. Scheduled an automated test run in QA Complete.