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7 years ago

Pass or Fail Test Step get message "Error Occurred" "Couldn't get data"

After upgrade to QA 11.5 running manual test see this error each time you pass or fail a step:


"Couldn't get data"


It seems that you can ignore and change is made.  Has anyone else seen this problem or has a workaround.


Thank-you in advance.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi dorothys,


    Thank you for your post! Clear your browser's cache/cookies, restart your systems, and try logging in to the account again.

    If you’re still experiencing the issue, please open a new support case here:

    and provide us with the following info:

    1. What date & time (specify your time-zone) did you experience the issue?
    2. Provide us with a screenshot of the error.
    3. What browser (name, version) are you using? Does it happen with another browser?
    4. Do other users in your company experience the same issue?
    -- Please provide us with at least one email address of a QAC user who experiences the issue.
    5. Do you experience this issue only with a specific Project?
    6. What were you doing or trying to do when you experienced the Performance issue? Examples: switching to a specific application tab, adding/editing an item (Defect, Test, Test Set, etc.), adding an attachment to an item, running a Test or a Test Set, etc.