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12 years ago

License-at-capacity logging?

I've had several people on my program tell me they were unable to log into ALM Complete because the amount of existing users in the system was at the maximum capacity for the amount of licenses we have.

Is there a file which logs each time a user is turned away due to capacity issues?

I checked the Error Logs report, but didn't see any relevant records there.

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    This can be accomplished by the following database query:

    SELECT PersonLogins.PersonLoginId, Persons.FirstName + ' ' + Persons.LastName AS Name, PersonLogins.DeptId, PersonLogins.DateLogin, PersonLogins.DateLogout,

            PersonLogins.Machine, PersonLogins.IsLockedOut, PersonLogins.NbrConcurrentUsersLoggedIn, PersonLogins.LoggedOutBy

    FROM   PersonLogins LEFT OUTER JOIN

            Persons ON PersonLogins.UserId = Persons.UserId

    WHERE  (PersonLogins.IsLockedOut = 'Y')