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14 years ago

Issues with Changing Custom Fields from Required to Optional

"Does anyone know a Caveman I can talk to help with configuring custom fields....."

I previously created a custom filed (Benefit Details), and made it a "Required" field at my create new record state.  I then created a new project, and copied all attributes from the previous project, i.e. Folders, Lists, and Custom Fields.  I then changed the custom field attribute from "Required" to "Optional", saved the changes and logged out of the application, then back in (I did this to make sure that I would be in the correct project to test against).  When I attempted to create a new record, the screen displayed the data field as an "Optional" field, i.e. no red asterisk next to the field title.  I skipped past the field and attempted to submit the record, first making sure all other requried fields were completed, and then SP displayed a warning message that the field I had skipped "was required" (see attachments), and did not save the record.

If anybody has received this error, or something similiar, I would be greatful to learn what you did to overcome this issue.  Regards, Andy

Note:  The only thing that worked that I tried was deleting the suspect field from the project, saving the change then adding it back to the custom fields, and try everything all over.  SP would then act as expected, and did not call for the field to be filled in.

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  • Hi Andrew!

    I saw a Support Ticket go through for you - did our cavemen on the Support Team help you out :) ?

    You might check out your Workflow settings. Based on different Statuses, you control what fields are required, optional, hidden, etc. etc. etc. so there might be something there.

  • Hello Barbara - Yes to both parts!  The "Support Caveman" was spot on.  The issue was caused by the config setting for both my activity status, and my transitional status not being the same.  Made that changed and, the app responded as expected.  Too sweet.  This is a wonderful tool.  Thanks for the post.  Regards, Andy