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11 years ago

Importing test cases to QAcomplete from csv file


For my company we have newly want to implement QAcomplete tool for test management.Currently i am trying the trial version of the tool.

I wanted to import the test cases with steps in to QAcomplete tool.

Can you suggest me the correct format of excel/csv file used to import test cases to QAcomplete tool ?



1.Test Library

2.Actions > Import test from csv file

3.Attach the csv file

4.Next Page

5.Import now

Getting error messgae.

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  • Hello,

    Tests can be imported from a plain text CSV file. Your file needs a header row with the column names. The import will match up the column headers to field names, but you can change the mapping as you import. The CSV file must be formatted correctly in order to create the appropriate Steps within your Test. The default import processes a CSV file with all Steps in one field, split by line breaks. An alternate import can be set up for you if your CSV file contains a single row for each step in a test. Import Profile. Please learn more about importing the test cases with steps in to QAcomplete tool here by clicking on the user guide link listed below:|Import|Importing|imports|imported||test|Tests|Testing|tested


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    Make sure that your csv file has a column for each required test field (these are indicated on the test edit page with a red asterisk).  The error is telling you that you don't have Status.  The easiest thing to do is make your column heading the same name as the name in the test (for example, "Title", "Status") .  Make sure that you include a column for Folder Name.  Otherwise your tests will be added at the root level and you don't want that.  You can also use the mapping page (you attached a screen shot of this), to tell the system where you want the csv file column to go.  I have done this a lot, so please let me know if this doesn't make sense.