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9 years ago

Important Information Regarding Our QAComplete SaaS Environment!

Dear Customer,


Our SaaS environment is currently down, and we are working urgently to resolve the issue.  Our apologies for this unexpected down time. Our DevOps team is troubleshooting now. 


This is a critical, high priority issue, and we will let you know as soon as we have an estimated resolution time.  Until then we greatly appreciate your patience, and we understand the impact this is having on you. We will keep you advised of the progress, and let you know when the issue is fully resolved.



The QAComplete Product Team

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  • Our DevOps team discovered corrupted memory on one of the servers, and it has been replaced. We are now working on restoring all system functions.


    This continues to be our highest priority and we will continue working until it’s fully resolved.  We apologize for the interruption and will keep you advised of the progress.

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      Dear Customer,


      Our SaaS Environment is now back on line! We really appreciate your patience and apologize again for all the inconvenience this situation has caused. Customer care is our priority and we are taking all the necessary steps to prevent such an event from occurring again.