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9 years ago

How to tell when Automated Tests are done running in QAComplete

Hi all,


I'm just getting started using TestComplete automated tests through QAComplete. I've got the automated script added to the test case, and it works properly when I hit the run test button.


My question is, how are you supposed to tell if the automated test is done when running the automated test on a remote PC. Obviously if I launch the test from the test host PC I can watch the automation occur and tell when it's finished, but in general the tests I'll be running will run on multiple remote PCs. It doesn't seem like anything in QAComplete will notify the user when automated scripts have finished running, or if they even start. The run status inside the Run Test pop-up window stays on 'Awaiting Run' the entire time:




I've just been manually closing this window after the automation is completed, but obviously that wouldn't be easy to do if the automation test is occurring on a remote host. The log file is attached to the run history, and it shows either passed or failed based on the results of the automated script.


Have I missed a setting somewhere or is this by design? How are you supposed to tell an automation test is finished, or even it's status in general from within QAComplete?

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  • Hi


    In the TestRunner window you provided in your screenshot, if you hit F5 that will refresh the window and when the test is completed, will say it has passed. There are also numerous other status fields that will be updated at the test level and also the test set level that show if a manual or automated test has passed or failed.


    I hope this helps