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7 years ago

How to structure test library vs test sets?

Hello QAComplete Community

My issue our company is having with QAComplete is that we are not sure on 'Best Practices' for QAComplete.

I am going to throw out a test case and test set, and I'd like the community to critiqe my solution.

Test Library Folder structure:
Specific Module
> Specific Page

General Test Library
> Log into Applicaiton
 - Open Browser
 - Type URL in Browser
 - Enter Username
 - Enter Password
 - Click login

> Enter Module : This test case assumes that you are already logged into the applicaiton
 - Click module

This is the issue we are having.

Do we drag and drop the test library from general for logging in? Or do we make assumptions that the test library assumes that the user has already performed those steps, since the 'workflow' tests will be done in the test sets. 


The way I see it, 

Test Library holds a series of small actions that make assumptions on the environment around the test

Test Sets take a series of tests found in the library and creates a workflow.


I am so confused as to what is expected. QAComplete is too up in the air, i wish that they provided large product examples on how another company might structure their projects so it would be easier to understand.

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    Thanks for the post!

    A Test is supposed to check the quality, performance or reliability of something, so you test different parts of your application. The Login test can be a test step or a Test, depending on your requirements. You can reuse the Tests and Test Steps you created in the Test Library. 


    In QAComplete you can organize Tests into folders, and place related Tests into Test Sets. Folder structure allows organization by release or feature. 


    Test Sets allow you to document what Tests need to run together in what order. Tests in the Test Set should be a logical collection of Tests that you run sequentially.


    Test Sets let you organize your tests in the same way that you organize your work into cycles or tasks. A Test Set is a group of tests that belong to specific tasks or feature, or have some other reason to be run together.
    Good candidates for Test Sets can be, for example:

    • Tests that focus on a certain part of the system, such as GUI or Database
    • Tests that belong to a certain task, such as Regression or Sanity


    The following articles can be useful for you:


    Testing Best Practices:

    Test Scripts, Test Cases, and Test Scenarios: Understanding the Difference: