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10 years ago

How to Import automated test cases from TestComplete to Test Libraries in QAComplete


Today I am running only automated tests via TestComplete and have managed to execute them over time via QAComplete.

However, the Test management needs to be done via TestComplete first before launching them by QAComplete. This is a bit cumbersome to be honest.

QAcomplete only detects the slave projects found through the Automated Testing bridge SW installed between QAComplete and TestComplete. So before running any planned tests, you need to select the tests of each slave project to execute in TestComplete.

A slave project in Testcomplete contains a set of tests enabled by the user. QAComplete cannot those single tests, or it is not possible to select the needed tests among a slave project.

Am I wrong? Is that actually possible today? Maybe I am not aware of this.

As I understood, the Test Management in QAComplete allows building a test library of manual tests. But can it be possible to do so for automated tests? Meaning, is that possible to import the tests detected via the Automated Testing bridge SW from TestComplete into the Test Library in QAComplete?

Therefore, It would be very nice to control Testcomplete from QAComplete (select the slave project to run, test items per project and host on which to run).

Is that a feature to be released later?

Thank you in advance for the info
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