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14 years ago

Feature Request - Row Format depending on "status"


 The rule for setting the colors for the items in listings could be not so uniform or rather difficult to understand, and sometimes they don't seem the best practical solution.

I suggest SmartBear development team to implement a clear, easy rule, based on "status" and Estimate finish time, that could overlay the basic rules already applied and could be set by users.

In the page where users could define the workflow, based on statuses (where I could tell Smartbear which status(es)  follow(s) another status), I'd like to have the opportunity to set a color for that particular status, ie green, grey, black (default), red, ... in two cases: if the "estimate finish time" is passed or not. So two small squares, for the two cases and for each status I've defined, where I could pick a color from.


So the rule do set color is totally in the hands of user, and she/he could easily modify them depending on her/his needs (and Company's rules....)

What do you tink about so?

Regards to everybody.


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  • Hi Sergio-

    I will honestly say this is the first request I'm aware of for more color control, but I will certainly bring it up with the team as a suggestion.

    Would be nice to see if anyone else has an interest in this as well.

    Thanks for the input, we always appreciate it!
  • I hope to be not alone for long time in asking for [better] color management....

    Anyway, I really believe colors (and maybe conditionally bold typefaces) could be good improvements of usability and allowed customizations, letting users decide a better (personal) way to communicate with SmartBear infos and have a quick snapshot of their data.

    Nice to have, nice to use...

    I look forward for any news.

    Thanks, anyway.