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13 years ago

Easiest way to know when contents of test cases/test requirements changes

We are busy evaluating QAComplete, and a question came up.

I know that there is a History tab for test cases, where you can see changes made to the test case.

However, instead of having to go into the History tab for each test case, is there a "flag" that gets triggered to inform you of changes made to test cases?  Or changes to test requirements, for that matter.

Here are 2 examples where this would be useful:

Scenario 1:  Developer changes (or adds) a few requirements.  What is the easiest way for the tester to know that he/she now has to update test cases for those requirements?  Browsing through each requirement doesn't seem to be the best use of time.  Is there a flag for these changed requirements that you can see in one shot?

Scenario 2:  Let's say we do automated testing with a different tool that does not tie into QAComplete.  An automated tester would need to know when the contents of test cases changes (or new ones get added), so that he/she can also make the changes to the automation test suite.  Instead of manually browsing through each test case to see if changes were made, is there a flag that get set when it gets edited, which can then be seen in a list or summary (or report)?

Thank you

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  • Hi Lu,

    You can set up automated email alerts for any items either assigned to you or owned by you. This way, if a test case that is assigned to you gets updated, you get an email.

    However, if you are working on a Requirement and there are tests linked to the requirement, we don't have a method to alert the test assignees - only the requirement assignee.

    You can set up escalation rules to send emails to anyone you want based on a status change, so if some one changed a requirement and changed the status, that could trigger an alert.

    Here's some info from the user's guide:

    Email Alerts

    Escalation Rules

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the response.  However, that is not exactly what I meant :)  For my question, it does not matter what is assigned to whom.  I also do not want to receive emails of changes made.

    I rather want a snapshot (report, list, summary etc) of which Test Cases were edited in the last day or 1.  Or Requirements.  Is there a way to see a LIST (not single changes) of Test Cases that were updated?

    The only way I can see right now, is to search by "Date Updated", for example, and then just manually check to see which ones changed on a particular day.  Is this the only way to do this?


  • Hi Lu,

    Yes, the search on any listing screen will give you this information. You can create and save a filter, then re-use it each day. The filter criteria would start with Date Updated - Exactly Matches - then select Today by clicking the ellipse and using the drop down selection instead of the calendar icon.
  • Hi - I have a similar need - I want to know when test cases that have been approved are subsequently changed.  How would you create a filter to capture just those items?
  • Hello Lauren,

    Are you referring to the "Status" of the Test being changed?

    Thank you,

  • No - similar to Lu Pearson, I'm looking for a type of "audit" report to review changes made to test scripts after they were reviewed and approved, where I can filter by date and see a description of the change(s) made, similar to the view in the history tab. 
  • Hello Lauren,

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we don't have a built in report for that where it shows the before and after. I can only think of the Ad-hoc Detail > Test Library Report where you can chose your fields such as "Date Updated", "Updated By", "Notes" if the notes field would be the field your users use to make updates/changes.