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12 years ago

Batch Linking

I've imported a couple of thousand requirements into ALM Complete.  Is there a way to batch link, or programmatically link requirements via a SDK or API?

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    SMART BEAR Replied:

    Thank you for contracting us, it's good to hear from

    If you need to link a mass of items to one Requirement, the easiest way through
    the UI is to go to Requirements and click Traceability.

    Click on Link Items for the Requirement you want to link to.

    This goes to the Traceability screen, where you can select the type of item
    from the drop down (Requirements, Tests, etc.) and over on the right you can
    mass-select and drag them to the Requirement.

    We do have an API, and I believe there are Traceability methods:

    I Replied:

    I'll review that link, but I have thousands of
    requirements to link, and I cant do them all manaully. Is there an automated
    way to set up links?

    SMART BEAR Replied:

    Sorry, we don't have an automatic way to link items.
  • This is an old thread, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting your solution, Brett!

    I needed to link a lot of Defects to an Agile Task in QAComplete, and the "Traceability" page did the trick for me.
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    I'm happy to hear I was able to provide a workable solution for you!

    +1 for community assistance
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    Hijacking this thread as I have a similar question.  Created a Release / Create Test Set and Link to release.

    The release only displays the test set(s) linked to the release but does not reflect the number of Test Cases. 

    How can I link multiple TestCases to the release?  I would have assumed that Linking a TestSet would show the total TestCases in that set to be reflected, but this is not the case.

    Obviously linking a large quantity of TestCases to a release one at a time isn't practical.  Am I missing something?