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11 years ago

ALM Complete, not possible to link requirements to a release

When I want to link a requirement to a release the following message occurs;

The following error was encountered, press BACK to correct.

You do not have the security authority to perform this action, please check with your security administrator to gain access.

I have ALL the access rights, but It is not possible to do this.

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  • Hello Bob,

    Thank you for your post. We need to make sure that the "Traceability > Management Features" under your "Security Entities" are checked.

    - Log in to the application

    - Click on the "Setup" tab

    - Make sure you are under the correct Project

    - Expand "Security"

    - Select "Security Entities"

    - Locate "Code: Traceability" with the "Description: Management Features"

    - Click on the "Edit" button (looks like a pen)

    - Check the check box at "Non Standard Entity?" and click on "Submit"

    - Now back at the "Setup" tab, navigate to "Security" > "Security Groups"

    - Click on the "Manage Security Rights" icon for your security group in question (e.g: Security Administrator)

    - Navigate to the "Management Features" section

    - Check the "Manage and view traceability (links between items)" and click on "Submit"

    Let us know if you have any questions, thank you.