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8 months ago


how we store variable value and how we called value to script value.

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    Hi shakunagaraju 

    In LoadNinja, you can store variable values using the "Variables" tab in the test scenario editor. Here's how:


    Ø  Create a new variable by clicking the "Add Variable" button.

    Ø  Enter a name for your variable and set its value.

    Ø  Save the variable.


    To use the variable value in your script, you can use the following syntax:


    Replace "variable_name" with the actual name of the variable you created.

    Instance, if you created a variable called "api_key" with the value "my_secret_key", you can use it in your script like this:


    This will replace the syntax with the actual value of the variable, which is "my_secret_key".

    Add on infomation you can also use variables in other parts of your test scenario, such as in the URL or in a request body. Just use the same syntax: ${variable_name}.


    PS: This response inputs might also carry some research outcomes from the open source / blogs / user guide

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
    Thank you very much and have a great one!

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