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8 months ago

Validation Errors for 50 plus users

Hi All 


I need some help, I have created a Test Case Scenario with validations, when I run it with 2,10 20 users and getting a 100 success rate. When I add 50 user tests I am getting the following Validation errors and it seems like the solution is trying to move ahead even though certain fields have not been populated:


as you can see above the Operation field has not been populated but that has been recorded and a Validation has been added to check that drop down.


Any ideas that will be able to help resolve this issue?

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    Hi Ramzan_Sheikh 

    You are seeing that specified fields, such as the "Operation" field, which are not being populated, despite having added validations to check for this.

    Areas to address for this use case would be -

    Timing issues - With more users, the test may be running faster than the system can handle, leading to fields not being populated in time for the validations.

    Element locator issues - The locators used to identify fields may not be accurate or reliable, causing the test to fail to populate fields or recognize populated fields.

    Validation logic issues - The validation logic may need to be adjusted to account for the increased load and timing differences.