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3 years ago

Unique and not reused databank

For our application, once a particular data record has been tested, it cannot be reused due to business logic restrictions. 


Per  The "Unique" databank selection method " will never use the same data at the same time."


But I need the same data to never be used again at all. 


Is this possible?

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  • Hi JasonCoyne 


    Your understanding off the unique feature is correct, its at the same time. 


    Afaik there is nothing in the tool that will enable this per say 




    If you want to ensure unique instances each time it may make more sense to run a script against the DB to take care of this prior to load testing. 


    This would be the only real way to guarantee unique instances each time you run a load test





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      vinniew  Im not sure how running a db script could solve the problem?


      If I have a databank with 10,000 users, and I am running 50 simultaneous users : then I want them all to read through the 10,000 users either sequentially or randomly, but such that any given user was not run twice. How would running a database script help that?


      Does "at the same time" mean "exactly the same moment", or "during the test execution"?


      If I had 50 users in the databank, and 50 simultaneous tests, would each test only run 1 user?

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        Hi Jason,


        This can be done easily:


        Instead of running your test for a specified duration, run a certain number of iterations per VU.


        You have 10,000 rows of data, and 50 VUs.   Therefore, you just need to configure your scenario to use 50 Vus and to have each one of them run 200 iterations.  50 X 200 = 10,000.