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2 years ago

Scenarri with Discord athentification : i am blocked


For our load testing we would like test the following script:

step1>I open the home page of my web app. 
step2>I click on the "connect" button
step3>A Discord popin of login is opened.
step4>An user fills the fields of login/password to submit
step5>The user is connected on Discord AND on our web app
step6>The user has open his "my account" page

I think use the same user for the load testing, but :
>if I try to log my user on Discord, from LoadNinja, I have a captcha
>If I valid the captcha, Discord detect the IP of loadNinja and send me an email to accept the connexion
>If I accept the connexion, I can have a second request of Discord authorisation
>If I accept this second Discord authorisation, I can have still a Discord question about the securisation of the user account.

I have to much randow behaviour, and technical difficulty to pass a step with the Discord connexion on my APP

Do you have an experience about this type of issue?

Note: Discord =

Thank you in advance

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  • You need to use an API token to connect to Discord using a script. You can obtain this token by creating a Discord bot application and adding it to your server.


    Once you have the API token, you can use a Discord API library for your programming language to connect to Discord. These libraries usually have functions for logging in with the API token and sending messages to channels.


    Regarding the captcha verification, you can use a headless browser like Selenium to automate the captcha-solving process. This involves simulating a user's actions to solve the captcha and then continuing with the script. Configuring it that way is not easy.


    However, it's important to note that Discord's terms of service prohibit using automated scripts to access their platform. So make sure to use the API and any automation tools in compliance with their policies.