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2 years ago

LoadNinja vs TestComplete



I am new to LoadNija and the community, and I hope this question is not taking up time that is not necessary ... but, I have read quite a bit of the documentation and I see information about both "LoadNinja" and "TestComplete", although I have not found anything that really distinguishes between to two (even though it is clear that they are related and I don't think the same thing). My question is what is the relationship between the two (and are they really the "same thing")? 


After reading the documentation (that I could find), I get the impression that LoadNinija is the Web App load testing UI associated with a larger scope of testing, which is really TestComplete?  




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  • Michael, 


    LoadNinja and TestComplete are different in their intended purposes. 


    LoadNinja is SmartBear's load delivery application. It is hosted by SmartBear in Amazon web-services and is designed for ease-of-use in developing scripts using the bulit in recording tool, to provide load to web applications and APIs for the purpose of evaluting those systems under loaded conditions.


    TestComplete is SmartBear's premiere UI functional testing tool. It also has a built-in recorder for easily creating tests to evaluate the functional perspective of a given web application or desktop application. It is much more robust than LoadNinja in this regard. 


    Ideally, you can use TestComplete to create tests to functionally test your sites and web applications, then use LoadNinja to build load tests to see how those sites stand up under load.


    For more detailed information, please visit our site, or reach out through the online form for a representative to contact you.