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2 years ago

Any issue with running the test scenario



This afternoon I see that that the scenarios are not working.

Scripts are fine, I tried different servers but the scenario fails.

This was working fine before, any issues with servers, I tried two different servers, I had 1000 VU.

A week ago it was working fine, any recent update would have caused this?


Thanks in advance

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  • Hello sejalvashi,


    We do not know about any recent changes that could affect scripts. In case you are facing an issue, please create a support request and provide us with the load test ID, and the way how we can reproduce the issue, so we can assist you.


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      Hi Tom,

      I had already raised a ticket, but did not get any response yet. What is the response time for an urgent ticket?


      Thank you,



  • Hey there! It looks like you might be experiencing a unique issue, so I would suggest reporting it to our customer care team and developers so that they can assist you in resolving the issue. They're experts at troubleshooting and are dedicated to providing the best support possible to help you out.