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5 years ago

Announcing LoadNinja Updates: Maximized VU Inspector!

If you haven't heard, we are the official and exclusive sponsor of Joe Colantonio's TestGuild Performance and SRE Podcast! Check out the first few episodes now.


We're also excited to highlight some new enhancements and features that have been added to LoadNinja over the past several weeks!


Maximize VU Inspector

You can maximize the VU inspector so as to better see their active VU transactions in real time during your load test. Read more about the VU inspector.


Hide Mouse Moves in Script

You can choose to hide mouse moves in your script so your tests are easy to read and manage.


Improved UI

We've made constant improvements to the user experience and interface of the platform so you can seamlessly navigate from capturing end user transactions to running a load test with real browsers.


Calling all LoadNinja champions! As the performance testing community becomes more interested in LoadNinja, they're relying on peers like you to share your experience. 


Leave a review of LoadNinja on G2 Crowd after you login (or create an account), and we'll send you a $10 Amazon gift card!

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