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10 years ago

Why data modifiers is not modifing parameters in reqest

I'm new to LoadComplete. I'm fighting with load test preparation and I've stuck with data modifiers. I read the documentation and tried figure it out but I need someone to help me to show where I'm making mistake.


I have request-response-request chain:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<serviceResponse returnLength="2">
<output name="mainCaseId"><variable type="String"><![CDATA[76209]]></variable> </output>
<output name="error"><variable /> </output>


I did a correlation in Parameters tab and assigned value 76209 to a variable vMainCaseId.


Now I want to populate value 76209 into succeeding request (below)


GET /portal/jsp/ HTTP/1.1


I need to put 76209 instead of 99999 (highlighted)


I tried Data Modifiers tab:

%3E(\d{3,})%3C --> vMainCaseId

mainCaseId%22%3E\K(\d{3,}) --> vMainCaseId


and few more but no luck. 


How should it be done corectly?


How can I debug what and see what values are actualy catched into variables?


Thanks in advance for any hints.




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      Hi Ryan,


      Thanks for feedback.

      I did try both methods you offer and put variable into the request but no luck at all.


      Documentation about parametrisation of URLs says that:

       "Variables followed by characters other than the separators /, ? and &. Semicolons (;) are not separators"

      and the problem here is that the value I want to replace is not followed by any of above separators.


      GET /portal/jsp/ HTTP/1.1




      Any clue?




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    Hi Olaf,


    First (this will be referenced below), decoded value for the request is:

    GET /portal/jsp/<input name="elementValue"><variable name="mainCaseId">99999</variable></input> HTTP/1.1



    I would try the following:

    -- It is my guess that you are using Data Selector to get the value of mainCaseId into the vMainCaseId variable;

    -- Assume, that the regexp for this Data Selector is '<!\[CDATA\[(\d{3,})\]\]>';

    -- Now, try to put something like this into the Subexpression field for this DataSelector:

    <input name="elementValue"><variable name="mainCaseId">$1</variable></input>

    I.e., you will assign to the vMainCaseId variable not just case id, but the whole value of the 'input' URL parameter;

    -- And finally, assign the following for the subsequent request:

    GET /portal/jsp/ HTTP/1.1


    Does this work?