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14 years ago

Weeping Openly...

Starting with TestComplete 3, I used the TestComplete Load Testing module and had to use a lot of elbow grease to get results from performance monitors and the graphs and data generated by TestComplete.  This is not to disparage TestComplete's plug in, but to point out a grand difference...

...because upon seeing all the reports, the data generation wizards, the load curve customization, the inclusion of think-time, and all the other features of LoadComplete in today's Webinar, I almost broke down and cried due to all the years that I had wrestled through doing some of this stuff by hand in script code.

From what I've seen, even with version 1, LoadComplete has expanded SmartBear's tool set of testing "equipment" to include a WONDERFUL new tool with a feature set that will make designing, running, and evaluating load tests so much easier, even for non-performance engineers.

Thank you!

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    thank you for your hard-felt expert endorsement!

    We took a lot of lessons from the load test experience with TestComplete. Hence, we decided to make LoadComplete not only a separate tool, but a separate platform to provide enhanced load testing as part of various SmartBear solutions. However exciting version 1 is for us (and we are happy to notice to our customer base as well - the LoadComplete Launch Webinar yesterday had a record attendance ever for a technical webinar that we've run), we now have access to deep expertise in load testing both in the new parts of SmartBear and outside, and we are leveraging that to build out LoadComplete as fast as we can. We are seeing a really bold future for LoadComplete with the new features that are already planned and, I am sure, others that will come up as suggestions from our fantastic user base.

    Much appreciation for your continued support!