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7 years ago

Web application Page rendering time measurement



Would like to check one thing ... Does Loadcomplete measure the page rendering time ? just like what a normal user can experience in a physical web browser ...? i.e not the page loading time which will be the measurement at the protocol level for request-response cycle... 

and I am interested to do this performance test under no user loads.... so more like to measure or test the performance of app at the client side... is there a option or way with SmartBear products for this 


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    Hi Musaffir,


    AlertSite monitoring platform can measure web page rendering time and user experience metrics, such as DOM Load, Page Load, First Paint and Above the Fold timings. You'll need to monitor your URL using a Firefox monitor and enable UX in the monitor settings.


    How to create a Firefox monitor

    Measured metrics

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      Thank You Helen for letting me know this

      a quick question to you ...

      Will it work only for a publicly accessible web application URLs ? or can we use for my private web app...i meant the web app which only loads under my network....?


      Also I tried a free trial ... but seems like the link is re-directing to 'request demo' page...?

      can't I download it and give a try ?



      Warm Regards


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    AFAIK LoadComplete is not capable to measure this...