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13 years ago

Tip for load complete monitoring on Windows servers

Thought I'd take a minute to share a tip on using the monitoring features in LoadComplete. We initially encountered an issue when configuring a new project to Monitor the application servers that we are testing against. The project would connect fine if the user on the testing pc was the Domain Administrator, but would not connect if the user was regular user, even if a member of the administrator group. The LoadComplete application is running an a Windows XP pc and the servers being monitored are Windows 2003, running Apache Tomcat 6. The servers have SNMP and WMI enabled.

After a bit of head scratching I discovered that the servers have a UserGroup called Performance Monitor Users. I added the domain account of the user running LoadComplete to the Performance Monitor Users group on the target server and we were then able to connect and start collecting performance info on our load tests, which is a really nice feature of the application. Hope someone finds this helpful.

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    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the tip sharing.

    I hope that Support will add it to LoadComplete FAQ...
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    Thanks for the info. We'll add it to the LoadComplete documentation.