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12 years ago

SSL Settings for Https:// Secured Applications



I am Using the latest Version of LoadComplete (2.50.769.24).

I have recorded the application on Http url with Port pointed to 80

the request are organised as per Page Action & its Requests ( the correlation is taken care by Load complete)

But when, i am Recording the same Business Flow on Secured Port :443 (https://)

all the request are under one Page Action (only one Page Action is displayed with all requests under it).

My previous Results on Http:

I have been sending the result to my client as per Page wise. can i do the same for Https results also

and i need to compare using http and https run results. so i need to have same number of Page Actions.

Referred the Article :

but it states setings in Scenario Editor -> Group by connections

when i do this they are more number of Page Actions than before and Just to compare Http( Page Request were 009) for Https(Connections 0134).

Please help me with the required settings.

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  • Hi Rakesh,

    Could you please pack the folder containing your test project and post the archive so that I could compare your scenarios? If you want to get personalized assistance, you can submit a new support case.