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13 years ago

SmartBear launches LoadComplete

Welcome to the SmartBear Software forum for our new load testing
product LoadComplete.

We are very excited to launch (see announcement below) this new load testing tool
and are looking forward to working with companies to help them answer crucial load
and capacity related questions like:

  • How
    many concurrent users can my web application handle?

  • How
    does the response time of my site change as the number of visitors increases?

  • How
    have software and hardware changes impacted application performance?

  • Will
    the web site fail under heavy load during peak hours or not?

  • What
    are the slowest pages and web resources impacting user experience?

Join us on July 20th, 2011 at our Webinar Are you ready for the traffic? Load Testing with LoadComplete

If you are looking for more information on LoadComplete check out:

+++++++++++Email announcing LoadComplete+++++++++++++

SmartBear unveils
Finally, an affordable
way to answer 
“How many users can my
website handle?”

you launch any new Web application, load test it with LoadComplete the same way
your visitors will use your site.  LoadComplete generates realistic load
test scenarios, so you know how many users your Web application can handle
during peak load periods, when the risk for failure is greatest.  After
all, the last thing anyone wants is for an application or server to bog down or
worse, crash, when it is needed most – as users are waiting in line to buy.

heard your feedback and have designed LoadComplete to be scalable and
affordable to companies of all sizes, with flexible licensing options.

With LoadComplete you can:

  • Determine if your site will meet pre-defined quality of
    service goals under load

  • Measure how many errors your site creates with x number of visitors

  • Record user scenarios without writing a single line of code

  • Customize your load testing to match you visitor traffic

  • Load test as often as you like

  • Instantly diversifies test cases with automatic or custom
    test data generation

  • Capture server side infrastructure statistics to find
    hardware and configuration issues faster

  • Analyze detailed reports of test failures

you have any questions regarding LoadComplete please watch this short video overview or try LoadComplete free for 30 days.


Load Testing,

The SmartBear Team

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    Esteemed Contributor
    Having been an avid user of TestComplete's LoadTesting feature, watching this video of LoadComplete makes me jealous of those whose first experience of LoadTesting will be LoadComplete.  While TestComplete's load testing features are excellent, looking at the feature sets in the quick tour for load complete fills out a lot of the different features that I wish were in TestComplete.

    That brings me to a quesiton:

    As per an e-mail communication with support staff at SmartBear, there are no current plans to discontinue LoadTesting support in TestComplete.  In light of this, as you enhance load testing in LoadComplete, will TestComplete's load testing feature keep pace?
  • AlexKaras's avatar
    Champion Level 3
    Hi Robert,

    I am afraid, that the answer is 'No'. This is according to my understanding of the reply from Alex in this thread:

    However, it seems to be logical decision...

    Meanwhile I also have a question to Support (actually, to Alex) : was the functionality to put the value of a Load Testing variable (or Data Selector) to an arbitrary place of the request (as per our discussion in [M0083914]) implemented in LoadComplete or not yet? (Just wondering as I did not read the documentation in full details yet.)
  • Anonymous's avatar
    Greetings from the Load Test team:

    To clarify general questions on what is happening and going to happen to load testing functionality in TestComplete - after a "blood transfusion" with significant new features in TestComplete 8.1 (all of which were also are the initial LoadComplete feature set), the development of TestComplete load testing is frozen. No new features or enhancements are planned for TestComplete load testing. All new load testing development is now done on the LoadComplete platform. We will be announcing the End of Life for TestComplete load testing feature soon.

    We encourage existing users of load testing in TestComplete to start planning a transition to LoadComplete. Please contact your sales rep if you have any questions about the transition.
  • tristaanogre's avatar
    Esteemed Contributor
    Thanks, Sergei!  That's the kind of answer I was looking for and, actually, was what I was expecting in looking over what's in LoadComplete.

    Additional question:  Since at a future date load testing features will be sun-setted out of TestComplete, will a TestComplete Enterprise license then be reduced in price to offset that change?  I know of some companies that bought the enterprise edition for load testing along with other features and, to have to now buy license for an additional tool, might balk at the additional expense.

  • Hi Alexei,

    Meanwhile I also have a question to Support (actually, to Alex) : was the functionality to put the value of a Load Testing variable (or Data Selector) to an arbitrary place of the request (as per our discussion in [M0083914]) implemented in LoadComplete or not yet? (Just wondering as I did not read the documentation in full details yet.)

    No, this functionality has not been implemented in the release version of LoadComplete 1.0, and I cannot tell you when or whether it will be implemented - the final decision has not been made yet.
  • AlexKaras's avatar
    Champion Level 3
    Hi Alex,

    > [...] and I cannot tell you when or whether it will be implemented - the final decision has not been made yet.

    Thank you for the clarification. I don't know how often people have to test / deal with the sites like I had in my case, but I am afraid that I have no good idea of how to test such site (even with static data) without scripting support (which seems to be completely removed from LoadComplete when compared with its Beta) and without possibility to put the Data Selector to an arbitrary place of the request...

    However, I may be missing something. :)

    One more question please: are there any plans for the (nearest) future to add a WCF services support to LoadComplete? Or this is something for SoapUI/LoadUI?
  • Anonymous's avatar
    Greetings all:

    It's flattering to be in the tread among experts :-)

    In the order received:

    1. Load test functionality in TestComplete. Yes, it will see an EOL, and we are currently working out the dates and associated programs. At this point, no new load testing licenses for TestComplete are available for purchase, but we will continue support for some extended period of time (to be clarified in the EOL statement). No price changes are considered for TestComplete at present time, as VUs were additional to Enteprise edition. Robert, I think you meant Universal edition, which is no longer available.

    2. Inserting extracted data into an arbitrary place in a request. This has already been logged as a feature request, and I understand why it's needed. There are two options: either this makes it into the Q4 release, or it will be included later :-)

    3. WCF. As to functional testing, we plan to have it in the Q4 release of TestComplete. SoapUI does not support WCF at present. I am not ready to comment on loadUI vs LoadComplete particularly regarding WCF. I will however note that loadUI is still in Beta and has not been released as a commercial product.

    4. Scripts. We may introduce scripts into later versions of LC for advanced data manipulation. It is unlikely that we'll dump the tests into scripts though, so any scripts / scriptlets will be "attachments" to scenarios/tests.

    Thank you for the great questions!

  • AlexKaras's avatar
    Champion Level 3
    Hi Sergei,

    Thank you a lot for the answers. For my part of questions :) your answers sound very promising, so I'm looking for Q4.

    P.S. Actually, at the moment I am not really interested in the scripting support because variables/data selectors in arbitrary places of the request seem to be able to do what I had to implement via scripting and I agree that it is easier to provide tests concurrency with data selectors than with scripting support. And I don't have other good-enough use case example at the moment that can be implemented only via scripting.