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9 years ago

Report Failed to Generate

I ran a 4 hour load test and at the end of the test the report failed to get generated.  Every section of every page is just blank.  The headers are there such as summary, Slow Pages, etc but there are not any graphs. 

When I look at the details the headers for the simulated run is also blank.  It contains the Request but none of the other elements have values, such as Accept, Connection, Cookie, Host, etc.  Does anyone know why the report would fail to get created and why the simulated data elements would not be recorded?


I was able to export the raw data in csv format and calculate the page load times but it was long and cumbersome.  Is it possible to generate the report from the raw data some how?





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  • Hi Billy,


    I checked with our developers on this one. Unfortunately, in this situation it is not possible to collect the data to restore the report. The only recourse would be to run the test again. :(